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08. Februar 2018

BIM for Precast: Models, Connections & Documentation

  • Modeling a wide variety of types and shapes of precast slabs, walls, columns, and beams.
  • Automating the insertion of connection details – hardware, cuts, etc.
  • Generating documentation – shop tickets, drawings, schedules, bill of materials

15. Februar 2018

Complex Connections for Timber/Steel Frames in Revit

  • Auto-generating multi-layer wall/floor/roof framing using custom rules and templates
  • Automating sheathing layouts
  • Distributing Join Connections and other details using your own configurations with Wood/Metal Framing Software
  • Defining rules and inserting hundreds of elements into the project with a few clicks, following project changes, and quickly updating/modifying inserted details with Smart Details
  • Easily preparing shop drawings and cut lists, with all required views, where elements are dimensioned, sorted, tagged, scheduled, and mass is calculated

22. Februar 2018

Sharing Revit Content in a BIM Team

  • How to implement a friendly ecosystem for Revit users
  • How to assign responsibilities for Revit users 
  • Quality control of your BIM content 
  • Content updates & tracking changes

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